Guilt tripping pets

We have 2 pets in this house: a cat and a dog. The cat is 8 months old, the dog recently turned 9.
At first they didn’t like each other, now they figured out how to join forces to achieve what they want.

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A letter to summer

Dear summer,

I don’t dislike many things, but sadly you are one of the selected few.  Some find your warm sunny days a wonderful reason to go to the beach and participate in ‘who can achieve the darkest tan in a day’ contests. Or a a reason to show off their bodies with a new swimming suit (this is most likely for Instagramming). But I don’t.
To much dismay you are now also switching your weather patterns from wet and depressing to ridiculously hot every other day or so. Nobody likes this.

Also, every time it is even slightly sunny, everyone is out there guilt tripping unsuspecting couchpotatoes to go outside.
Because apparently summer + sun = not allowed to be indoors.

Anyway, I though it’d be nice to say some things I think you can improve on:

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Cats are murderers

Underneath those cute fuzzy paws and tiny whiskers lies a dark secret: cats are -besides plotters for world domination- also very advanced and brutal murderers.

My parent’s cat is now 8 months old, give or take. For a little while now she’s allowed to go outside: she’d been wanting that for months and made that clear with ever louder meows. Besides sniffing around, climbing trees and eating our young rucola leaves, she also helps with keeping the fly population low.
This is actually adorable; flies are surprisingly hard to catch and watching her try to pounce on them is quite hilarious.

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