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Cats are murderers

Underneath those cute fuzzy paws and tiny whiskers lies a dark secret: cats are -besides plotters for world domination- also very advanced and brutal murderers.

My parent’s cat is now 8 months old, give or take. For a little while now she’s allowed to go outside: she’d been wanting that for months and made that clear with ever louder meows. Besides sniffing around, climbing trees and eating our young rucola leaves, she also helps with keeping the fly population low.
This is actually adorable; flies are surprisingly hard to catch and watching her try to pounce on them is quite hilarious.

But this week her darker side showed.

I’m standing in the doorway, enjoying a cool breeze on a sunny morning. The cat was jumping around on the terrace, but was gone after I looked away for a moment. Somewhere close I hear a soft ‘pprrt’. This is the sound cat makes when she’s having fun with something.
Not long after that I see her coming out of the bushes; with a head held high and strutting confidently she walks up to me, spits out an undefinable brown object and proceeds to look at me with big  anticipating eyes. vlinder I was not sure what to think at this moment.

– Was she proud of her new kill?
– Am I supposed to praise her hunting skills?
– Does she think I am unable to get my own food and therefore she is responsible for providing it for me?
– Do I have to show her my hunting skills?

I had no idea.

After closer inspection of the brown heap at my feet, it seemed to be a butterfly. Well, what was left of a butterfly anyway. It was still alive, albeit barely. It’s spazzing movements slightly upsetting me.

How I thought the butterfly must feel: vlinderdood copy(there was no blood on the actual scene, I thought it looked cool.)
I suspect it was wishing for a quick, clean death.

I look at the cat, look back at the butterfly and look back to the cat again. This probably means ‘what do I do with this?’ or ‘no yóu keep it’ in kitty language, because after that she proceeds to pick the butterfly up, and eat it (though that took 4 tries, apparently butterflies aren’t tasty).

I am now unable to see her innocent side anymore.


3 thoughts on “Cats are murderers

    • I do wholeheartedly agree. That’s why they can get away with pretty much everything, even murder.

      (I do really love this calico furball though)

      • Haha so true xD. I have two living examples of that at home. Broken plant pot? Ear your dinner? Hide work pass? Aawwwwww forgiven because of your cute eyes LoL

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