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Ode to random things

I wanted to blog about something, but was not sure what. So I decided to write something about 5 things that are in the vicinity of this house. Let’s start.

I like you laptop. You can be used for work, drawing and gaming. Even better: I’m typing on you now! I’ve had you for about 3 years now, but I hope you stay for a good few years more.

You’re sleeping right now. Correction: you’re even dreaming. I like how you picked a sleeping spot very close to me, that’s kinda sweet. This afternoon we’ll go for a walk and play with a ball. Please don’t lose the ball again, unless you find a new one. Edit: you just woke up and wanted some cuddles, yay.

It’s a shame that you are fake. It looks like your logs are on fire, but it’s just paper. What’s supposed to be glowing ashes is actually red glitter. But there is an option to turn on the heating element, so I guess that’s nice.

CD rack
You’re full of CD’s! I probably never heard 99% of them, but I’m also too lazy right now to get up and check.

Plants that are upstairs in my room, you brighten up my life. In the color green to be exact. Some of you are from my old student room. The forget-me-not’s have died, so I suppose I forgot someone now 😦 . I’m extremely happy with one of my Birch trees; I took 3 of them from all the way near Amsterdam back home, planted them and waited. One of the 3 died, 1 grew a new stem and some leaves but the other one has become super large by now.

That was about it.


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