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Guilt tripping pets

We have 2 pets in this house: a cat and a dog. The cat is 8 months old, the dog recently turned 9.
At first they didn’t like each other, now they figured out how to join forces to achieve what they want.

After breakfast this morning I decided to help my parents out by unloading the dishwasher. At the same time cat and dog decided that they both wanted to go outside. I said no, because they would only be able to stay outside for a few minutes because I was going to go upstairs again after I was done.

This was their response:

Dog was the first one to be at the door. He sat down and started looking at me with big eyes. The fact that he held his head low as if he’d been punished made it even worse.

I sent him away. The utility room is not big enough for an open dishwasher, a person and a dog.

This was the moment cat gave it a try.

She stood on her back legs, front legs against the window and started meowing like crazy.

To give an example of our conversation:

me: What? Do you want to go outside?
cat: Meeeeaaaauuuwww
me: I take that as a yes.
cat: maaaaauuuu
me: Well, you can’t.
cat: …aaauuuu
me: No.
cat: mmmmmmrrraaauauuu
me: I sa-
cat: mmmeeeuuuhaaaaa
cat:  maaauuuuuu
cat: aaauuuwraaaaauw

I figured at this point that it was of no use in continuing to convince cat that she wasn’t able to go outside. I turned around to continue unloading the dishwasher.

When I wanted to put the plates back in the cabinet I saw dog:


He just stood there, staring vacantly into the distance. Apparently sending him away had a deep emotional impact on him.

I had to walk around him to put the plates back.

When I went back to the dishwasher the cat had given up on meowing but utilized a different approach in getting what she wanted:
cat2A soft ‘mmmmhhhmmmmrrrrr’ is probably the closest I can get with describing what sound she made.

I felt really bad about mentally damaging these two. Because that is apparently what I did. They are guilt tripping me into getting what they want.

After 10 minutes my unsuspecting dad came downstairs and let them outside. So well played you two. Well played.


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