New camera!

I got a new camera! I’m super happy with it.
It’s a Canon Powershot SX510 HS: a nice little camera that is far far far better than the old thing I had before this one (that I got with a newspaper subscription. No wonder that they gave them away).
I wanted this one because of the (supposedly) good macro pictures it could take. So far I’m impressed.

Here are some pictures I made with it:

collage2 copy


What am I doing?

Made a blog, cancelled it and decided to blow life into it again.

This blog started with the goal of being a lifestyle blog. However, I decided a while ago that that blog be moved to a new location.
But I also missed having a place where I can just write random things, as that one doesn’t fit my other blog so much. So I revived this one again.

So welcome to “Blue side of the Moon”, my random personal blog!